• 1 Our tour guide:
    Julia Isakovskaya
  • 1 Our tour guide:
    Olga Goncharova
  • 1 Our tour guide:
    Natalia Nikolaenko
  • 1 Our tour guide:
    Aleksander Guskov
Guided Tours

St.Petersburg's symphony

We created for you new, surprising excursion from Julia Isakovskoy, about history of music and the most beautiful places of Petersburg. From the house of composers to conservatory, from Glinka to Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and the Maryinsky Theater with Shalyapin and great performances we learn how the well-known Russian classical music school was created. In this city almost all well-known Russian composers created, "the Petersburg period" was in life of the Liszt, Verdi, Berlioz, Strauss, Clara Schuman.

Unknown stories of old Petersburg

Excursion on kickbikes on the Vasilyevsky island: on small streets and old yards, parks, ancient cemeteries, the areas. You learn interesting stories from life of simple inhabitants of the 18th century, from the birth to death. How people loved, married, played cards and had fun 200 years ago? !

Criminal chronicles. Vasilyevsky Island in the end of XIX century

In the end of the XIX century the capital was Saint-Petersburg. Life in the city was full of fashionable events, but the small people had something for themselves also! Income houses, corps of cadets, libraries and tiny shops were full different stories. The excursion will be held on the Vasilyevsky Island. This island was always a kind of independent and mystical part of the city. You will hear criminal, romantic and a lot of other different stories on the kickbike excursion!

A sightseeing tour on embankments. St. Petersburg - the beginning.

Sightseeing tour on kickbikes on the river embankments of Neva about stories of creation and formation of the city of St. Petersburg. Why there was an idea to construct "the city on Neva" and what role it is the decision played in the history of the country, we will show and we will tell about the first embankments, the first bridges and buildings, plans and architectural complexes, and also it is a lot of interesting historic facts and legends.

Peter the Great city

Sightseeing tour on embankments on cycle skateboards. The main subject of walk - life of Peter the Great to whom the set of historical researches is devoted. Peter's biographers try to solve the identity of this uncommon governor and the reformer already many hundreds years. And certainly St. Petersburg which was its child, an embodiment of his dream, and reflection of all hobbies and plans, is the main key to understanding of its secret. We will look at Petrovsky places and monuments, and we will try to feel the atmosphere and the importance of last time.