• 1 Our tour guide:
    Julia Isakovskaya
  • 1 Our tour guide:
    Olga Goncharova
  • 1 Our tour guide:
    Natalia Nikolaenko
  • 1 Our tour guide:
    Aleksander Guskov
Find out more about Kickbike Tours

Which is the best way to combine a pleasant stroll, sightseeing and easygoing fitness?
We offer the best and the most exciting way to do it – a guided kickbike tour around St.Petersburg.

You can choose from several guided tours. Also we can customize your tour and make it especially interesting and convenient for you. You can enjoy the beauty of our city in motion and have a comprehensive excursion or just take a ride and ask about what you will find interesting for yourself.

We can create a fascinating route for you in the city.
This amusing sport is open to anyone. It takes just a few minutes to familiarize you with a kickbike. Your guide will help you with this. A moment after you find yourself attracting eye worship of the people on your kickbike and enjoying one of the most beautiful cities on the globe.
Give it a try and immerse in joy, carelessness and lightness.